The Netbook of Feats is back!

It’s been quite a while since I last published an edition of the Netbook of Feats, not since the heady days of 3.5.

All said and done, the latest incarnation of the NBOF is a more modest affair, but it has room to grow. I’d started this up when it was announced there would be a 5e SRD under the OGL. I’d planned a Kickstarter, but in the end decided just to keep it a free supplement. Unfortunately, that meant some other work had to take priority and the feats languished.

I found the time to get it into shape for release and it is now available from the NBOF Downloads page. It has 67 feats as of this moment. Most are replacements for the feats “missing” in the SRD. 20+ are originals written specifically for 5e by my hand. I hope to add more from myself and other OGL authors.

To that end, I’ve got Design Guidelines and Style Guides up to help authors craft feats for the NBOF or for your own publications. We are happy to help you with editing and refining and balancing your mechanics. We are also always keen on art donations and volunteers of various sorts. Also, if you spot errors, let us know. Contact me at:

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