Welcome to Downy Owlbear Design. I am your host, Sigfried Trent and this is my new website focused on games.

Here you should expect to find the following

  • Blog posts about games, gaming, and game design
  • Games and game materials which are free to download
  • Games and software you can buy to support our work

Our first real project here is to create a new Netbook of Feats for 5th edition D&D using the newly released SRD rules from Wizards of the Coast. The 3rd edition era version was very popular and lot’s of fun to work on. The new NBOF will be free to all and used to help garner attention for Downy Owlbear and make folks aware of our projects.

Please consider joining our email list to get announcements on updates to the 5e Netbook of Feats and other Downy Owlbear news.


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